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Barbara Stuber

I co-authored my first book – a “Diotionary” of nonsense words in the fourth grade. My early spelling challenges resolved I now weave those words into novels.

When not writing, I am a docent at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. For me, visual art and writing inch ever closer. In my novel, Crossing the Tracks, I begin to weave artworks into my stories. I turn landscape and interior paintings into scenes. Portraits become characters. Sculptures morph into love scenes.

Lily, our Girl in Reverse, discovers the mysteries of rare Chinese antiquities to be stepping-stones into her past. She gains wisdom and compassion by breathing life into sculptures such as The Thinker and the sublime bodhisattva. Lily recognizes her own dark reflection in Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror. Her courage, her backbone, appears as a strong calligraphic swipe of ink on paper.

Yes, art and writing can be transformative.

My hope is for you to connect to my stories the way museum visitors connect to artworks – those ah ha moments when initial puzzlement and challenge become insight, joy and relation. My wish is for you to complete my stories – to own, to use and to remember them.

In this spirit of connection please let me hear from you.

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Visit Resources for an excellent documentary on the experience of young women adopted from China in America today.

Thanks so much for visiting my website.

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