Barbara Stuber

Questions for Teens

Crossing the Tracks

  1. How would you describe Dot’s options regarding her pregnancy and her father?
  2. What would you have done if you were Iris and saw someone in Dot’s circumstance?
  3. What issues in the current day are similar to the issues in the story?
  4. How would the story have been different if Iris had had friends to talk to?
  5. What would be the hardest things about moving away from home like Iris did?
  6. How did the Nesbitts show their compassion, open mindedness, non-judgement, acceptance of people and life?
  7. How would you have managed someone like Celeste? What was Celeste after?
  8. If she had not thrown an egg, what might Iris have done to stop Dot’s bullying.
  9. What was your favorite moment in the book? Least favorite moment?
  10. What tracks do you imagine need crossing in your own life?
  11. How did hardships help Iris grow stronger?
  12. What does it mean that Iris had lots of walls and rooms and doors inside her — even a cellar?
  13. People in the story talk to the dead – why? What does this accomplish for them? Who talks to whom on the other side?

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